Monday, November 16, 2009

It's My Life

I’m single.

Let me be a little more specific. I am female, 37 years old, LDS – and single! As in – never been married.

I know it really isn’t all that unusual but most of the over 30, never married females in Mormon-dom generally don’t announce their singleness to the world. Not that I’m wearing it as some badge of honor, mind you. But, some go a little extreme the other direction. They hide it as if it were something to be ashamed of. As if we have somehow failed every Primary teacher, Young Women’s leader and seminary instructor we ever had. Some, when confronted with our singleness at family events, Church functions, and, occasionally, in the checkout line at Walmart (WHAT? Really? – Yes!) we play it off with humor or bitterness or act as if that was our master plan all along.

“I really wanted to serve a mission and finish school before I settled down. So, now that I’ve done that, launched a successful business, bought a home, travelled to 17 different countries, learned 4 foreign languages, purchased a BMW, taken Dating and Courtship 9 times, studied every talk ever given in General Conference about motherhood, AND helped raise my 47 nieces and nephews by being the coolest aunt EVER – now, NOW I am ready to get serious about dating and finding someone to marry and start thinking about having children!”


NO! Not really!

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  1. CeCe you are so funny! I did laugh and I'm grateful for that. i love to laugh and I know I can always get a laugh from you. Who needs anti depressants when there is YOU around! You are amazing! Can't wait to read what you put next.